Sunday, April 26, 2015

Word Christ Sacrament

Acts 8:26-39 • Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch

In the reading of Isaiah, the Ethiopian immerses in the great heritage of prophecy and finds himself longing for understanding. By the power of the Holy Spirit, Philip is led to meet the Ethiopian and lead him from prophesy to its fulfillment in Christ. From there the Ethiopian moves to the baptism. Word, Christ, and Sacrament: the three-point foundation of faith.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

We cry out: "Lord receive our Spirits"

Acts 6:1-7:2a, 44-60 Stephen forgives and is martyred.

Jesus has risen and now it is our turn to live out God's mission and ministry in this world, in this neighbourhood. The scripture reminds us of our call to lift up leaders from amongst ourselves. We are called to discern together and support the people that we deem called to serve. Too often, leaders are left to stand alone, to stand by their decisions, and are persecuted for their decisions. What can we learn from Stephen? What is worth following? What are we willing to give our lives up for?
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our Hearts on Fire

Psalm 116: 1-4, 12-19 I love the Lord
Luke 24: 13-35 Road to Emmaus

Meeting Jesus on the road happens more then we know. The scriptures call us to not only the ministry of witness, but also to the ministry of hospitality. To welcome a stranger puts us in a position of vulnerability and risk, but it is in the breaking of bread that we come to trust and known one another where boundaries are erased and we are moved beyond isolation to community. How will these scriptures set our hearts on fire? listen view

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Passion Witness

Luke 26:1-16 • Empty Tomb

Moment by moment throughout the entire passion and resurrection, the Disciples witnessed an array of sights, emotions, actions and reactions from others, confusion, insights, transformation. As we walk with them and imagine the experience they had, how does that moment long ago become a shaping influence in our lives today—a blessing, a guiding light, an inspiration?

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