Sunday, June 26, 2016

A New Silence

"The Path" Art work and calligraphy
by Laura Foster
Text: from a traditional poem attributed to St Columba

1 Kings 19:1-13 • Journey to Horeb

Elijah’s journey into the wilderness took him from anguish and despair to an encounter with the Sacred that redirected his life. There is a way for all of us to travel that becomes a journey of the heart, marked by openess to the Sacred that would encounter us on the way. As a part of Celtic Spiritualtiy, this holy way of travelling makes all of life a spiritual journey. Time away from home becomes in itself a new home from which one eventually cannot bear to be away for long. “When you travel, a new silence goes with you, / and if you listen – you will hear what your heart would love to say…” –John O’Donohue

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Celtic Cross

Art work and calligraphy
by Laura Foster
Text: 1 Corinthians 1:18

1 Corinthians 1:18–31 • Christ the power and wisdom of God

The cross is central to our Christian symbolism—crucial as it were. There are many forms in which cross has been represented, but beyond them all, including the crucifix and the empty cross, lies the Celtic Cross. It is a cross with a circle. There is no simple explanation for the symbol; and there are many explanations, as it often is with symbols that capture our imagination. What is it about the Celtic Cross that touches us? What is the truth about us, and about life itself, that we see reflected in the beauty of the Celtic Cross?

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Expressions of Faith

  • Psalm 98 . O sing a new to God
  • Luke 18: 16 . Let the children come to me
  • Luke 10:38-42 . Mary sat at Jesus feet and listened
Art work and calligraphy by Laura Foster

Celtic Christianity is known for producing wonderful works of art collectively. The Celts believed that art, music, poetry and storytelling are the pathway to which one can experience and express our love of God with the whole of humanity. The Arts invite us to enter spirituality with our senses as well as our brain. The arts enliven our senses, sharpen our intuition, unleash our imagination and help us to feel and embody our faith. This is a Sunday where we celebrate our faith, and our history and tradition. Let us worship God with our hearts, our souls and our minds and share our love for one another.

This was a Whole Family Worship, so there was no formal sermon recorded. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Presence: The friend of the Soul

Art by Laura Foster 

Psalm 143 In you I put my trust
Sirach 6:5-17 Faithful friends
In the tradition of Celtic Spirituality there is a practice called Anam Cara - The friend of the Soul. A soul friend is someone who walks the spiritual journey with you as a source of wise advice and encouragement. This is a practice that is being reclaimed in our world today known as Spiritual Direction. One's soul friend or faithful friend is a person who listens and helps one access wisdom which is already present in ourselves. The simple act of being present is enough. In this monastic approach to spirituality which considers faith as the whole of one's life not just an hour on Sunday we are simply asked to place our trust in the Divine and in our soul friend.