Sunday, January 29, 2017

Engage! Be salty, enhance and alter our discipleship

Photo by Rev. Karen Bridges in Tofino, Jan 2015
Matt 5: 1-20 . The Beatitudes

On the anniversary of Robertson-Wesley United Church, the scriptures reminds us of our call. It isn’t enough these days to simply talk about what we believe. It isn’t enough to simply come to worship. As disciples, of Christ, if we are to regain our saltiness and truly be a beacon of light in this community, we need to engage, re-invest and refocus our efforts and stop hiding our identity. It is time to unveil our unique role in the community of Oliver and Edmonton.

 This was a whole family worship and thus there was no formal sermon. This is a very interactive service.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Recognize and Respond

Picture taken by Karen Bridges.
Matt 4: 1-17 . Temptation, and the start of Jesus’s Ministry

As we explore the beginning moments of Jesus call to ministry we too are called to reflect, recognize and respond to our call. We will be tempted; tempted to ignore the call, tempted to give in to our desires for pleasures sake, and for this we shall repent. There is no time to waste, and yet perhaps if we did waste a moment with God we just might find a different path, a path of fulfillment, a path bathed in light.
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Promise of Something New

Picture taken by Karen Bridges in Jasper Sept 17, 2011

Matt 3: 1-17 . John the Baptist
 Enough with the guilt, enough with the justification speeches, enough with the self-deprecating comments. It’s time to accept that you are an essential part of this world, even if you don’t think you are worthy, GOD DOES. When we are baptized, we are claimed by God in the new life of Christ. We are being called to repent, but not in the way you have been led to believe. Come, for I promise you something new.
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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Starting fresh, a dream or a nightmare?

  • Matt 2: 13-23 . Escape to Egypt

For Joseph, his dreams which fore tell of the future portray him living his worst nightmare. The dream is an urgent message to go and for his new family to flee. Mary, Joseph and Jesus seek refuge in Egypt and if that wasn’t enough, he is then told to go to Nazareth. When will relief come? Church is a place of sanctuary, a place of refuge, a place of warmth and security, a place of welcome and belonging. How will we be a place of sanctuary and refuge to all people? How will we transform our brokenness and live into the future?
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Sunday, January 1, 2017 was foreigners that saw Christ first.

Picture taken by Albert deVos

Matt 2: 1-12 . King Herod and the Wise Men
It is amazing what we can infer from a story and how we are able to fill in the details of the story that do not exist. When we take a closer look at the facts of this passage in the Gospel of Matthew we will discover that many of our common understandings are not fact. At the same time we will discover that those who seek facts in the end enter the realm of imagination and see the vision of the promised one in the birth of a baby boy named Jesus. How will we navigate fact and imagination on our faith journey?
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