Sunday, March 25, 2018

Pain makes things truly real!

John 12: 12-19 Jesus enters Jerusalem
John 19: 16a-22 Crucifixion of Jesus

The great poet Rumi wrote, “The grief you cry out from draws you toward union.” This service begins with the cries of Hosanna, and ends with the cries of Crucifixion. Barbara Brown Taylor, a theologian, has come to realize that world religions have grown out of suffering. Christianity rises out of the suffering of Jesus at the hands of his own people. How will we find a way to practice the feeling of pain, to walk toward the pain rather than masking it, or turning away from it? Pain is what makes things real, and in the moments of pain we can’t help but reach out and encounter the Holy. How will you choose to enter Holy Week? listen view

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Will anger open you up or close you down?

Lent 5 John 19: 1-16a One of the most challenging aspects of grief is the anger that arises. Where are you God? How can people be so mean? Why are our structures so unfair? The crowds turned on Jesus to express their anger against injustice. Jesus turned to the Psalms. On who do we throw our anger? How else could we express and transform its energy into change and healing? listen view

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Awaken from your shock in time!

Lent Four
John 18: 28-40

 Today we continue to ponder the grief and suffering that are central parts of Jesus’ ministry, his disciples’ lives and our lives as his followers. Grief often begins with numbness and shock. They can be either gifts or thieves. Why do we need time in shock? How do we return ourselves to awareness and awaken again to Jesus’ call to serve others and care for ourselves?
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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Will You Claim Who You Are?

Taken by Rev. Karen Bridges
    • John 18: 12-27 The trial for Jesus
    Denial and bargaining are defense mechanisms that help us to deal with our feelings of shock, fear, loss, helplessness and vulnerability. Every human will react differently in a crisis situation. For Peter, a disciple of Jesus, he is not ready to deal with the fact that Jesus has chosen to die, and so he denies his own identity, denies knowing the person he loves. Jesus on the other hand is open and honest about who he is, and instead acts as judge at his own trial. As followers of Jesus, where will we find strength and courage in times of uncertainty?
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